rad10activee asked: "Omg how in the world did you do the issues nails?? They are amazing!"

Oh my god thank you! I just.. lots of patience.. I must have re-done my thumb at least 3 times and it still came out weird looking, haha!

The thumb was a pain in the ass and came out weird, but here are some Issues nails. I love this band so much. <3
Not sure how I feel about these.. I was sort of in a rush. 
Also, first attempt at lace.. needs work.
prettyinpolish asked: "Hey! I have a nail art blog (prettyinpolish) and saw your picture of pizza nails on tumblr. I was so inspired that I made a tutorial on youtube! I just wanted to let you know & I gave you credit as well! Check it out when you have time on my tumblr. Hope you enjoy the video! :)"

Wow, thank you! This is definitely the best compliment I’ve gotten on any my nail art, to make a tutorial of it; So great! Also, thank you for giving credit, I really appreciate that. Can’t wait to see some of your other designs, happy polishing! <3 c:

Pizza will be my valentine this year ♥
Did these christmas nails in an attempt to feel more Christmasy.. but I still don&#8217;t feel the holiday spirit.. asbhdjlg what&#8217;s going ooon
cringing at my cuticles.. these are some nails I did a long time ago and never posted so here ya go.
Gothic ish roses and skull nails. I really like these and it feels so good to have time to do nail art again. :) Thank goodness for thanksgiving break. Skull was inspired by ladycrappo
Cat eyes nails. So many halloween nail ideas and I can&#8217;t do them all aahh

If I happened to start selling nail sets, like the ones on the spine, would anyone be interested in buying them? I mean I’m not that great but there’s a few designs that people have liked. I’m in need of money right now so I thought that could be an option, but please let me know! I could maybe even take personalized requests. But if anyone would be interested in buying them, which designs should I do?

Really loving these studded floral nails! ♥
I don&#8217;t even know what this is
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