My aunt had a baby and decorated the room with cherry blossoms and it inspired me to do this c:
trottalottadingdong asked: "I was stalking your blog and you may be over this idea now but I would totally buy nail sets from you! I'm in love with your Issues nails and if you ever did like OM&M or something I would freakout. I swear if you became a nail tech you would be one of the best nail techs ou there!"

Aw thank you! I will definitely be looking into making nail sets in the near future since more people seem to be interested in the band nails.

That means a lot, I don’t know about being one of the best but I would love to be a nail tech. Hopefully I will study to become one in a few years after I’m enrolled in college and whatnot. :)

xxgiraffesok-deactivated2014081 asked: "Hi! I was wondering how long it took for you to become so good at nail art? And do you have any tips for beginning nail artists? (Other than patience). Last question I promise- How often do you do your nails?"

Hello! I’ve been practicing nail art for about 3 years and when I first started out I was far from good at it, so if at first you don’t like the results, don’t be discouraged, you will get better in time. :)

My tips would be to invest in some nice nail art brushes if you’re planning on doing detailed work. The ones I use the most are these but if you can’t order online, you can check your local beauty supply or craft store (like Michael’s) and look for the smallest brushes you can find. I bought a set of some small watercolor brushes by Artist’s Loft (the cheapest ones I believe).

You could also invest in some acrylic paints. I usually only use acrylics when doing black or white work but it is easier to work with than nail polish in my opinion. I bought 2oz. bottles at Michael’s for less than a dollar each and they have lasted me a very long time, so I would say it’s a good investment.

Another tip would be to rest your arms on a flat surface, this helps with your stability and gives you more control so you’re less likely to make mistakes. 

How often I do my nails usually depends on how busy I am during the week. Most of the time I will do them once a week, and if I reallllyyy like a design and don’t want to take it off I will do small touch ups and take them off once they start to chip really badly. There are sometimes when I just don’t have time and I will not do them for a couple weeks, or just do plain polish with maybe an accent nail.

If you have any more questions I will gladly answer them, so don’t hesitate! :)

vampire-dairies-gifs asked: "Your nail art is so cool and I love it!!!!!!!😘😍"

Thank you so much! <3

rad10activee asked: "Omg how in the world did you do the issues nails?? They are amazing!"

Oh my god thank you! I just.. lots of patience.. I must have re-done my thumb at least 3 times and it still came out weird looking, haha!

The thumb was a pain in the ass and came out weird, but here are some Issues nails. I love this band so much. &lt;3
Not sure how I feel about these.. I was sort of in a rush. 
Also, first attempt at lace.. needs work.
prettyinpolish asked: "Hey! I have a nail art blog (prettyinpolish) and saw your picture of pizza nails on tumblr. I was so inspired that I made a tutorial on youtube! I just wanted to let you know & I gave you credit as well! Check it out when you have time on my tumblr. Hope you enjoy the video! :)"

Wow, thank you! This is definitely the best compliment I’ve gotten on any my nail art, to make a tutorial of it; So great! Also, thank you for giving credit, I really appreciate that. Can’t wait to see some of your other designs, happy polishing! <3 c:

Pizza will be my valentine this year ♥
Did these christmas nails in an attempt to feel more Christmasy.. but I still don&#8217;t feel the holiday spirit.. asbhdjlg what&#8217;s going ooon
cringing at my cuticles.. these are some nails I did a long time ago and never posted so here ya go.
Gothic ish roses and skull nails. I really like these and it feels so good to have time to do nail art again. :) Thank goodness for thanksgiving break. Skull was inspired by ladycrappo
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